7 Reasons Why Content Reuse is Key to Driving Revenue for Your Business

Content reuse has been a buzzword in the marketing industry for some time now, and it’s easy to see why: creating content with the sole intention of using it multiple times creates value by not only providing valuable information to your audience, but also by saving you time and money in the long run.

However, there are many misconceptions about what content reuse is, how it works, and why it can be such an effective strategy to drive revenue to your business. In this article, we’ll cover 7 reasons why content reuse can have such a positive impact on your business’ bottom line.

Raising Awareness Through Content

In content marketing, content reuse is especially useful because it allows you to maximize your reach without burning out your resources. You’ll be able to reuse pieces of content on multiple channels with minimal effort.

Think about using a recap or roundup post as an example: No matter how you approach it, you’re bound to reach a new audience with minimal work because no matter where you repost, people will engage and share from context. In Demand Generation, this technique can be especially beneficial because it means that each piece of content will create its own kind of demand—leading prospects down their path towards buying from you. Sharing helps customers know what they want; showcasing what others want makes them eager for more! (eRelevance)

Lowering the Cost of Demand Generation

If your marketing team has become inundated with high-priority projects, you may not have time or budget left over to do what’s needed in order to drive revenue. You might not be able to get rid of some of those projects or hire more people, but content reuse can help lower your demand generation costs and make it possible for you create more content faster.

For example, say that a new product launches and sales want it placed on all landing pages. They’re demanding something be created from scratch—but it doesn’t have to be. If you’ve already created successful content around one similar product launch, then you can re-purpose that content on your landing pages instead of creating everything from scratch.

Content Repurposing and How it Works

There are several reasons why it’s a good idea to repurpose content, with one of them being that it allows you to scale your efforts. Rather than creating something new, you can just go back and tweak what you already have in order to provide your audience with new and updated information. In addition, customers are more likely to engage with content if they recognize it or are familiar with it – by building a library of relevant and up-to-date material, your team can also create value out of existing assets.

This will save time and money that would otherwise be wasted on building something from scratch. If done correctly, business leaders will recognize how content reuse drives revenue by showing off their expertise and providing highly valuable information without any extra effort from either party.

The Art of Converting Leads into Customers

Every business has a set of customers that are its most desirable, usually referred to as Leads. These potential customers have shown some level of interest in your product or service and you need to convert them into paying customers.

There’s a number of ways you can do it – from selling over a phone call, setting up meeting with Sales Rep and offering them a demo or requesting data in exchange for content, etc. The idea behind Demand Generation and Content Marketing is that if you offer content (which should be focused on certain keyword) and bring leads back on your website using different channels then they will reach out to sales team while they are in buying mode.

Time Saving Benefits

From a business standpoint, content reuse offers a number of time-saving benefits that help to generate revenue. From a financial perspective, content reuse generates more value from your content marketing budget because you’re able to use existing materials repeatedly and effectively.

This reduces your investment in new content and helps you get more mileage out of each piece. Content reuse means that you spend less time planning and creating articles; if you write a great piece once, that doesn’t mean it has no more value – it still carries some residual worth as long as its theme is timely, relevant and compelling.

Grow Sales by Attracting New Audiences

The primary benefit of using content marketing strategies is that you can attract new audiences by creating and promoting content that’s valuable and relevant to your target demographic.

This will not only get them talking about your business, but it will also give them a chance to review your product or service. By attracting new audiences with engaging content, you can significantly increase revenue in a number of ways. For example, if a target audience member works at an advertising agency, they may recommend you as a solution for one of their clients.

Another option could be that a target audience member starts his own business in competition with yours; rather than try and steal market share from him directly, use content marketing strategies to draw his attention away from you.

When Can You Start? Now!

It’s tempting to create unique content whenever possible, but it can be costly and time-consuming—especially if you have many products or services on offer. If you’re strapped for time and need a quick ROI on your content strategy, look into using templates or a library of stock images. You can also review old posts, see what topics are receiving organic traffic, and then refresh those ideas with new content that adds value without being overly repetitive.

After all, there’s nothing worse than writing five new articles when two reworked ones would do. This will allow you to spend more time creating original work that helps get your message across and generate leads.

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